Journey Through Pages is a Book Review Blog I started at the end of March 2012. I, being Sam, have been reading like crazy for the last few years, yet no one to share my opinions with since very few of my friends read as much as I did, so in March I took the plunge and here I am writing book reviews.

My reviews usually are of Fantasy, Dystopics, Fairy Tale Inspired, Romance, Young Adult, New and Old Books. My favourite authors include Patricia C. Wrede, Diana Wynne Jones and Shannon Hale. They consist of a Spoiler-free part and a Spoiler-full part.

More in-depth about me, I am a recent graduate with a degree in Japanese (皆が好き!) and Interactive Media Studies (Graphic Arts Focus). I am in my 20's and am stuck in a part-time job because of course there's nothing in my field around here. I love drawing and painting, reading and writing, and basically sharing my creativity with the world.