Review Policy

Want me to review:

If you are a publicist or author and you like my reviews, so you want me to review one of your books, or want to send me a finished or Advance Reader's Copy, feel free to e-mail me at and I will send you my address.

I am 100% honest with my reviews an try and pinpoint exactly why I feel a certain way about something.

I accept galleys, e-galleys, Advanced Reader's/Reviewer's Copies and Finished books for reviews. If you are unable to send me the book, but still wish me to review it, I can see if my local library system has a copy, but I can't confirm that I will find one.

I am most likely to accept books in the genres:  YA or MG Fantasy, YA Dystopia, YA Science Fiction, Fairytale, YA Horror, YA Paranormal and YA Historical. I may accept other genres, but if I feel that my disinterest in the genre may end up coloring the review, I may turn it down instead.

What my ratings mean:

I am of the philosophy that a book review has a lot to do with a reviewer's personal taste. I also, however, feel like there are many parts to how well a book is written and it's not just about prose. When I review a book I often take into consideration: enjoyability, characters, world-building (in fantasy/scifi/dystopia/paranormal books), pacing and voice of the author among other things. Because of that, my reviews tend to be long and detailed as to which parts shined and which parts did not. Often under the Spoiler Section of my reviews you can see unbridled reactions to the book.

All in all, I seem to tend towards rating books higher rather than lower.

4 Bookmarks usually means I enjoyed the book, but nothing stuck out and made me adore the book.

4.5 Bookmarks means that I loved the book, but I know that it's not perfect, it's not quite the highest of the high.

5 Bookmarks means that I loved the book, if I don't own it I wish to, it made me think a lot, or the technique of the author blew me away.

Anything less than 4 Bookmarks means that there was something that marred my overall enjoyment of the book. If it's only slight the rating becomes 3.5, if the issues were enough that I wouldn't have recommended it to myself it is a 3, 2.5's are books that dissapointed me, or constantly distracted me and I doubt you'd see anything lower than that only because that means I stopped reading it.

FTC Guidelines:

In accordance with FTC Guidelines for blogging and endorsements: The books reviewed on Journey Through Pages are purchased by myself or borrowed from the library unless otherwise stated (received from an author, publisher or company). In these instances I have not received any monitory compensation in return for the reviews and/or endorsement although I have received a sample product for the purposes of the review. Receiving this product in no way effects my review as it is my own opinion of the book.