Friday, October 5, 2012

Rising from the Dead

Oh HI. HI THERE FOLLOWERS. I exist, mostly, sorta.

I have two excuses: 1) I burned myself out posting so much, and 2) I got gobsmacked by work upping my hours.

All in all I'm back though *laughs* What jump started me back was being picked to be a Fall Ambuzzador for Mystic City (through Random House's program Random Buzzers which I love to death). This means a few things.

1) I have this nice extra copy of the Mystic City ARC just laying around to giveaway
2) I have these nice five codes that will present newly registering members with 15,000 Buzz Bucks (a huge kickstart to getting enough points to qualify to "buy" a book) and last time I checked they were trying to make it so you'd get early pick as well before the books officially are "in store".

If you have never heard of Random Buzzers (, it is a site dedicated to the Random House YA books that come out, creating a community and giving away free books EVERY week + the store where you can use earned Buzz Bucks to "buy" books and memoriabilia (including signed Inheiritance Cycle posters at one time and signed Tamora Pierce posters). From what I've seen there really is no author off limits (as long as they have published under Random House) and they give a lot of amazing opportunities to connect with them.

In other words, one of my favourite places ever.

SO, this is how we're going to do this. First five people to realize I exist again, because you awesomely still follow me and comment with a way to contact you get the codes. Yep, just that easy. Of course you can still comment if you don't want the codes, just don't give me contact info :D.

That aside, I'm sure some of you wonder what I plan to be doing here. Whereas before I used to update more than three times a week (I was addicted to page views), now I'm going to limit myself to a couple of times a month, unless I develop a huge review backlog and want to trim it down by posting more.

This upcoming week will have a review of Mystic City + the giveaway for the extra copy I have as kinda a reopening kick off. After that,who knows! I recently read almost all the Tortall books so I might do some grouped reviews of those series. I also still have some reviews saved up that I promised to post before.

All in all, I truly apologize for disappearing on you all. Love <3


Rose Herbert said...

Wooh! I was hoping you would come back :)

An easy way to contact me is by email: I would love to get my hands on the Tamora Pierce merchant.

Sam said...

*laughs* Thank you, I do feel loved! And can you believe that I didn't read my first Pierce book until early this summer? (At 23) I have no idea how I missed out on them when I was younger, I love them ): Especially the Kel and Aly books.

Erleen Alvarez said...

Welcome back Sam! It's nice to see you in the blogosphere again. I'll be looking forward to your Mystic City review and also for the giveaway! :)

Sam said...

@Erleen: Yay, thank you. Your code has been sent to you, and the review should be up tomorrow (I just finished writing it).

Ivana said...

I've heard great stuff about Random Buzzers, but I'm not sure if I can apply (couldn't find anything on Int'l participants...) *shrugs*

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