Friday, July 11, 2014

Feature & Follow: What time would you go to?

Question of the Week: If you had a time machine (i.e. a TARDIS), where would you go?

I've always been vastly interested in the times where one would have Prarie life. Like Oregon Trail-Laura Ingall Wilder times. The Little House books were the very first books I read on my own obsessively and I personally attribute my love of reading to them.

I also was obsessed with books that took place along the Oregon (and similar) Trails and then the Orphan Train Books which came at a later time period but still have that sense of adventure in a wild, prarie land.

My family and I even went camping among the Oregon Trail for a week and visited major landmarks such as some of the forts, Chimney Rock and the famed Independance Rock with hundreds of names carved into it.

There's something about the sense of adventure and unknown in that time period that I've always gravitated towards.


Liezl Ruiz said...

I wonder how young you are for such a huge sense of adventure... with nature. In my age, I'd rather look for someone. Haha! Here's my ff.

On the other hand, If I were an anthropologist, I'd like to know how African people populated the whole earth, change their looks over the years that people can't tell apart from the other.

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Juli Rahel said...

I hadn't even thought about that yet! I was too excited about Ancient Rome etc. but I actually would love to see how people lived in simpler times! I'm an old GFC and Bloglovin' follower! Thanks for sharing :) Hope you have a great weekend!
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Dyane said...

Thinking back now to when I read one of those Little House books makes me interested in going back to that time, too!

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Charlie Anderson said...

Soul sister! When I was younger I was (probably) obssessed with LHotP. I read all of the books, even some of the spin offs, and The Rose Years. I watched the show with my grandmother (and consequently fell in love with Micheal Landon). For me, that was the first set of books that really gripped me as a reader, and even now I still fancy a thought to go back to that time.

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Sam said...

@Liezl: It probably has less to do with age and more to do with just how I am XD I mean I did move half way across the world to live in Japan and that could be say to be quite adventurous, moreso than a lot of people in my own peer group XD.

@Charlie: Me too, I tried to get a hold of as many of the books as I could, though I never saw the TV show to tell the truth. I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, however, which isn't too far from the from the Mansfield Museum in the Ozarks so I've been to the museum a couple of times. It was pretty cool.

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