Friday, August 1, 2014

Feature & Follow: Closest City

Question of the Week: What is the biggest city you live near (or interesting landmark)? Show us a postcard picture.

Since I'm on half-hiatus, I wasn't going to be participating in any weekly posts until I get my normal computer up and running, but how can I resist this week's theme?

The biggest city I live near is the one that I'm officially in... Osaka, Japan.

Yep, I live in good old Osaka, one of the most colorful cities in Japan, where the people challenge Japanese stereotypes an all the greatest comedians hail and greatest food hails from.

We got Osaka Castle Park, which is a huge park in the middle of the city (and of course home to Osaka Castle).

And we have one of the bigger shopping/touristy areas, the street Dotonbori (in Namba/Shinsaibashi area).


Unknown said...

I would love to visit Japan someday! It's so nice to meet so many international bloggers (I'm from Portugal). Happy FF.
New bloglovin follower. Here's my FF

Unknown said...

I hope to visit Japan some day! I have a friend whose currently teaching there and she loves it! (though I don't know what city she's in)

Tina @ Pages of Comfort - following via bloglovin

Diane Lynch said...

I've always wanted to go to Japan.
I'm an existing follower.
Diane @ Diane's Book Blog

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