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Blog Tour Review: The Violet Fox by Clare C. Marshall

The Violet Fox (The Violet Fox #1)

Clare C. Marshall

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Publication Date: October 13th 2012

Publisher: Faery Ink Press

Genre:  Fantasy, Young Adult

Pages: 288
That’s what instinct told me.
But in order to save the secrets of my people
and to protect my brother
I have to become the enemy.

There are two kinds of people in the land of Marlenia.

The Marlenians, who live on the surface,

and the Freetors, who are forced to live underground.

The war between them ended two hundred years ago, but the Freetors still fight for the right to live under the sun. Fifteen-year-old Kiera Driscoll embodies the Freetors’ hopes as the Violet Fox. In a violet cape and mask, she sneaks around Marlenia City stealing food and freeing her people from slavery.

Then the Elders task her with a secret mission: retrieve a stolen tome that contains the secrets of Freetor magic, something the Marlenians both fear and covet. Kiera must disguise herself as a noblewoman and infiltrate the Marlenian castle before the Freetor-hating Advisor finds out her real identity, before her brother is imprisoned because of the secrets he hides, and before she falls any more in love with the prince she’s supposed to hate.

More is happening in the castle than she realizes, and Kiera is faced with a difficult choice. Will she be loyal to her people and their fight for freedom, or will she be loyal to her heart?
You look at the cover and title of The Violet Fox and the first thing you think is: is this a superhero book? You read the synopsis and you then wonder: is this a dystopia book? Then you read the book and you realize what it is: fantasy. It is a fantasy book with unique world-building, enjoyable characters and a captivating story.

Marlenia is separated into two types of people. Kiera Driscoll, our main character, is a part of the impoverished Freetors forced to live underground and steal food from above to survive. They are the losers of a civil war that had happened long ago, one sparked by the discovery of magic.

Kiera is an icon for her people. The first time she had come above to help get food she put on an outlandish outfit as a distraction and it’s stuck ever since. She became “The Violet Fox”. This is what brings her to the attention of the council who want to send her on a mission to the aboveground castle to take back something stolen from them.

I hadn’t known what to expect from The Violet Fox when I picked it up. I was intrigued by the synopsis, and have a terrible habit of being a sucker for anything with ‘fox’ in its name. When I finished reading the book I sat there for a while wondering why this book isn’t more well known. I enjoyed reading it massively. I had a hard time putting it down. I couldn’t believe how lucky I had been to have been asked to review it for a tour.

The characters are strong, the personalities well defined. The romance is far from instant which I always appreciate. The plot keeps readers on our toes as there were quite a few twists I did not expect one bit. In fact this book is really twisty and very cleverly done. They’re the kind of twists that make me want to re-read the book to see if I can catch them faster rather than ones that make me unable to pick up a book ever again.

The setting of the book is a fantasy world, focusing more on political fantasy. Other fantasy books I’m reminded of is Poison Study and Graceling, but this one is also a bit lighter maybe more like the book I reviewed a couple of weeks ago, Poison.

The ending did seem to be too drawn out, but for me personally that was the only stumble I could find.

If you enjoy unique and great young adult fantasy please give this book a try. The Violet Fox is a fantastic political adventure young adult fantasy. The next book seems to be more adventure, but I still wonder how they’re going to pick up the many pieces left over.



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About the Author 
Clare C. Marshall grew up in rural Nova Scotia with very little television and dial up internet, and yet, she turned out okay. She has a combined honours degree in journalism and psychology from the University of King’s College, and is a graduate from Humber College’s Creative Book Publishing Program. She is a full-time freelance editor, book designer, and web manager. She enjoys publishing books through her publishing imprint, Faery Ink Press. When she’s not writing, she enjoys playing the fiddle and making silly noises at cats.

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