Monday, July 23, 2012

Update: A few changes that pretty much have nothing to do with most of you, and a random scribble!

So guess what I realized guys? I posted up my 100th review just this week! I randomly drew my head to celebrate it (Yes, I'm weird, this is a true fact). I have been posting up reviews for about four months now and have yet to regret starting it. I will admit I'm a terrible procrastinator when it comes to mirroring my reviews in various locations, and posting on twitter when I have a new one, so I thought I'd come up with a new policy for my twitter, especially now that I'm starting to get more followers (yay). Instead of posting a link to every single review, I will post a round up on twitter of what reviews have been posted up on my blog every Monday (which is today so expect one up soon). I think that my tumblr is going to end up being disused and I'm going to try and update goodreads when I update the blog.

For most of you this really doesn't mean much since you just check out the blog, but I thought I'd let you all know.

One of my biggest goals as a reviewer is to review not only books that are coming out in the YA world, but older books that people missed out over the years, or ones that haven't had as much hype about them that I have loved. Due to these factors I end up with a lot of reviews to do, which is a bit masochistic of me, but I do want to share them.

ANYWAY! Enough rambling and I love you all to pieces (and the review archive has been updated with all 100+ reviews)


Rose Herbert said...

Just for your information, there is a particular program you can use to just automatically forward your blog posts onto Twitter. I use it because I never remember to copy them either.

Congrats on reaching your 100 review milestone - I'm about to hit that too! Here's to further awesome blogging in the future :)

Sam said...

That actually sounds like a rather smart idea. See my excuse is that I'm just way too lazy... *bad excuse*

And thank you and congrats to when you hit that as well!

Rose Herbert said...

Missing your reviews - where have you gone?

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