Thursday, November 29, 2012

Update: Books To Read, Reviews To Write, 時間がない

Yes, I threw up some Japanese there, watcha gonna do?

Okay, I'm done (cough). I just wanted to update saying that I'm still reading and I'm still reviewing, but due to work, a test I've been studying for for a while (the Japanese Language Profiency Test is this Sunday, gah),  and trying to set myself up as a graphic design freelancer so I can get more experience and get myself a 9 to 5 job (or ship myself to Japan whichever happens first), I have had no time to really indulge and obsess and post all over this blog, which makes me sad since that was one of my favourite things about having a blog, but the reading and the reviewing will forever continue!

So really this update is about what's to come withing the next couple of months review wise from me:

First of all I am a few chapters away from finishing Alternity by Mari Mancusi so that will most likely be the next review up. After that would be Marking Time by April White, which I am a little more than halfway done with (I need to stop simultaneously reading books). After that I have the two new Karina Halle books (the next in Experiments in Terror and The Devil's Metal which sounded way too interesting to pass up). I also have Florence by Ciye Cho that I was asked to review.

So that's about five books I have on my plate (two almost done with and I'm hoping to have reviews up within the next two weeks). And I think I have about two more reviews saved from before, so even though I'm not posting a lot of fun extra things, the reviews are still coming.

I love you all!


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