Friday, May 16, 2014

Long Time no See 久しぶり

As you can probably tell, A Journey Through Pages has been on hiatus for quite a long time.
I have of late, however, decided to reinstate it and start reviewing again.

My current job has a lot of downtime where I'm allowed to read, so I've been plowing through books lately. Thus I might as well make it productive in some way (laughs).

As before I will focus on YA with some peppering of Middle Grade and Adult. Genre-wise, my focus will be fantasy, horror and paranormal.

I can't guarantee that my reviews will be very often (since I can't be writing them on the job unfortunately), but I'll try to get a couple up a month at least.

I'll also look through and see if I had any reviews backlogged.

Thank you all you lovely people that have left comments on my blog during my long hiatus.

Happy Reading!


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