Friday, May 30, 2014

A NaNoWriMo Review Challenge?

I was indeed a 2013 Participant (and Winner) for National Novel Writin Month back in November. I wrote a bit of a coming of age New Adult story that is in serious need of some editing if it ever wants to see the light of day.

What's amazing honestly is the amount of great writng that has seen the light of day from NaNoWriMo, those books that have been published that were originally entries. Take Back the Skies by Lucy Saxon is one that is coming out in a few days and it got me wondering.... does anyone ever host a NaNoWriMo Challenge? One where you have to read and review a bunch of NaNoWriMo novels?

I think it would be pretty cool thing to do.

So if there isn't already one out there, if anyone else thinks it would be interesting maybe I could make a simple one.

Writing one's NaNo project is honestly the easy part I have come to find out, so I have so much respect for those who were able to go all the way, I'd like to show a bit of support.


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