Sunday, April 1, 2012

Author Spotlight: Maria V. Snyder

Due to a contest posting on Maria  V. Snyder's website and the fact that I wanted to start this anyway, I have decided to give Snyder the honor of being Journey Through Page's first author spotlighted.

Later this week I will post my review of Inside Out and currently on my shelf to read are also Sea Glass, Spy Glass, and Outside In. So after rereading Storm Glass you will probably find reviews of her Glass Series as well before April is over.

Snyder has been one of my favourite authors since Poison Study and I find myself devouring each and every book she comes out with (especially  now that I'm aided with a library card and am no longer in Japan). Her characters are enchanting and layered, her romances aren't smothering and her worlds are envelope you. She is mostly a fantasy writer (Study, Glass and her current Power Series are all fantasy worlds), but Inside Out and its sequel happens to be Young Adult Dystopic.

For more about her and her books please visit her website and blog

And if you're wondering about the current contest she is happening:

It's a chance to win a set of short stories, one of which is written by Maria V. Snyder herself.


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