Friday, April 27, 2012

Update: A Journey Through Keeping up a Blog

I have not written an update in a long time, so I thought I'd write one to catch all of you up to speed.

First of all the Read-a-Thon was an absolute blast, though I was such a crabby patty after work on Sunday due to lack of sleep. I then spent a couple of days away from books recovering and now I'm getting back into the swing of things. I ended up winning two mini-challenges and getting gift cards that will be going towards ore books, yay!

Of course due to having two part time jobs, I have no life, thus the reading is slowing down a bit. I do have six reviews in archive ready to post so I may end up putting those up as I catch up.

Speaking of my book reading rate, I have passed my 100th book for the year! Slowly, but surely, it seems as if my "A Book a Day" goal might be possible.

Author Spotlight will be switching soon from Maria V. Snyder due to the great news of being a part of newest Experiments in Terror's book's blog tour! I plan on rereading all the books in that series and posting reviews before my review for the blog tour has to go up. On the side bar there is a link to it which will show you that on May 6th I will be putting up a guest post from Karina Halle, the author, and May 11th will be when I put up my review. This is my first blog tour, and hopefully far from my last, so I'm super excited.

The last note is that during my next day off I plan on finally getting my blog design up, it is becoming really imperative that I get a 3 column layout as I seem to be adding widgets all over the place, also I have the design all ready so it's silly to not get it ready and up.


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