Saturday, April 21, 2012

Readathon: Hour 16 -- I'm Back!

Okay I am back for good, many power nap 'Z's were have and I should be able to catch the rest after we cross the finish line!

Okay Mini-Challenge time:

Blue Stocking's Reread Challenge:

My top five favourite Rereads:
1) Dark Lord of Derkholm & Year of the Griffin by Diana Wynne Jones -- Okay technically that's two but I thought I'd squish them together since I always read them right after each other.

2) Princess Academy by Shannon Hale -- A light read that always takes me away from any troubles.

3) Deltora Quest by Emily Rodda -- I famously reread this Middle-Grade series every year (now I own the first half in Japanese so a little bit of variety to this tradition)

4)World War Z by Max Brooks -- A surprise love of mine that I also reread often.

5) Dark Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop -- Of course now I have about three more books on top of that to reread since I love the Shalador plot...

I guess technically most of those are series and not books, but when I start one to reread I just have to read the rest of them.

Finally, I think next time I might just do what many others have done and made a couple of masterposts and keep re-editing it. Anyway BACK INTO THE THRONG I GO.


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