Sunday, April 15, 2012

Update: Once Upon A Time...

...I finally created an archive page for all my book reviews. Look up there, it isn't perfect, but it will get you places now that I have 20+ Reviews

It's been a busy week! I haven't gotten any new visual elements done, but I'm reviewing at a pretty fast pace, mostly because I'm reading at a fast pace. If you've been keeping track of my "Currently Reading" Widget to the side then you know that books sometimes appear there for only a few hours, as right now I have a tendency to be obsessive with my reading. No this will not last forever, but let's enjoy it while it lasts, eh?

Which brings me to another fact, also if you've been keeping track of what books I'm currently reading there is quite a gap between when a book is finished and when I update the review, this is because I've been keeping a pad of 5 reviews before updating any new reviews, this way once I do start slowing down when it comes to reading I'll have a few more weeks of reviews if I space them out nicely.

Oh! I am now also officially participating in Dewey's 24hour Readathon! I cannot participate the entire 24 hours (I have 7 hours of work on Sunday and I don't think my employer would be very happy if I feel asleep on the drive to work or during work), but I plan on being around and updating for most of it. I've been reading tip pages and starting to accumulate stacks of books of various types that I can jump around to stay awake, if anyone has participated in the past, feel free to share any tips you have.

Finally all reviews are mirrored on Goodreads (click on any of my widgets to find and friend me on there) and linked from Tumblr and Twitter, but sometimes there may be a lag between posting them up here and there, so the best way to keep updated on when I post reviews is to follow me.

Which reminds me, to all my new followers WELCOME! And thanks for the follow <3

~Sam @ Journey Through Pages


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