Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Update: The Art of Procrastination

Hey guys! So instead of writing the five reviews that I have planned out, I ended up finally updating the blog template to be my actual artwork and put some effort into design (though the main chunk of it is thanks to parajunkee designs). There are still a few kinks to work out (And I need to make it a bit wider for 3 columns, but overall I'm pretty happy.

I also decided to switch from showing what I was currently reading to the books I have reviews done for, finished the book and plan to write the review soon, and currently reading books that will be reviewed, that way if someone sees a book there and I don't review it there is no false hope.

In other news, the blog tour is going great and I'm enjoying each new post Ms. Halle puts out. I also cannot wait to share my On Demon Wings review because that book knocked my socks off.

Love you all!

~Sam @ A Journey Through Pages


Rose Herbert said...

Have to mention that in my browser (Chrome, Windows 7), the text you have written in is not visible unless highlighted.
Look forward to seeing more reviews by a fellow book blogger soon.

Sam said...

Thank you for commenting about that. The only thing that I thought could be causing that I tried to fix, but I'm not sure since the layout is working fine for my computer (Vista) on Chrome, Firefox and IE.

*Glares at Blogger* Work You, I didn't just spend hours on you for nothing.

Rose Herbert said...

Strangely enough, it's now appearing for me in FF and Chrome. Perhaps it had cached an earlier version or something, or whatever you did to fix it worked.

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