Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Midsummer's Night Giveaway: An Introduction

Fairytales have captured the world for ages. Classicists put them in the same categories as Myth, Legends and Folklore with similar reoccurring themes and use as both explaining nature and teaching lessons.

The most famed collection of fairytales is that of the Grimm Brother's. Their collection of tales include oral folklore, previously published and popular tales (Rapunzel being an example), and stories that they even wrote themselves. Many of the tales had gruesome bits to them, as was the style of tales such as them.

Most of what Western Society thinks of when they think of fairytales are those collected by them. Other tales however are for the most part from the European region, some possibly originally written by authors, others a version of a oral retelling.

The tradition of retelling tales and putting one's own spin on them has never died down, even in modern society. The biggest example is that of Disney, who starting with Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, created a legacy of fairytale retelling. There were many novels that set out to retell the tales as well, in the late  80's and early 90's there was a boom where several fairytale adaptations were published in a collection.

Once again, however, fairytales are starting to regain their popularity, more coming out every year (the big one this year of course being Cinder). This is especially true in the age group of Young Adult.

Which brings us to my focus this Midsummer Week. I adore fairytales, completely obsessed, I am slowly but surely making my way through most of the YA retellings that are even available out there. This week for example I'm reading a version of "Red Riding Hood" by the name of Sisters Red, a version of "Toads and Diamonds" called Once Upon A Toad and then finally a free-for-all retelling by the name of The Grimm Legacy.

I wanted to spend this week discussing the different ways YA authors adapt fairytales, the tales that are the most common (Did you know there are over five versions of "Twelve Dancing Princesses" that have been published of late?). The posts will be focused on each of the five prizes winners will be able to choose from.

Monday: Focus on The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale

Tuesday: Focus on Ice by Sarah Beth Durst

Wednesday: Focus on Wrecked by Anna Davies

Thursday: Focus on Toads and Diamonds by Heather Tomlinson

Friday: Focus on Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marillier

These five books are so incredibly different and at least three of them rank a some of my all time favourite books that I have ever read.

As I post about these Rose over at The Cosy Dragon will be posting some posts and reviews related to fairytale retellings (and fairytale inspired books).

Now for the Giveaway which starts TODAY! First of all this giveaway is International since I know many of my followers aren't from the USA like myself, my wallet may try and argue with me, but I'd die to not be able to open it to everyone.

There will be 3 winners, which means that even the 3rd winner should have a bit of a choice between the prizes available. All the books available for prizes (except Enna Burning, The Goose Girl's sequel that I have an extra of, so I'm throwing it in as well) will have reviews that I will link to on their focus post so that you guys can know at least my opinion on each prize.

All in all, Have a Happy Summer Solstice and Good Luck!

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Unknown said...

Looking forward to this week! Looks like a great lineup - and hopefully some readers will get something out of my posts too. Thanks for hosting it.

Raiding Bookshelves said...

What a wonderful idea for a giveaway! I wish I'd heard earlier, I would have loved to have participated.
A few other good adaptations are Juliet Marillier's Daughter of the Forest, Heather Dixon's Entwined and Alethea Kontis' Enchanted.
Have you checked out for info on fairytales and their available adaptations?

Sam said...

@Raiding Bookshelves: Thank you! I am waiting on Enchanted to become available at my library, but the other two books you've mentioned I've read and loved (I debated for a while whether or not to have Entwined or Wildwood Dancing as my Twelve Dancing Princesses book)

I had not heard of the website, so thank you for that :D.

Finally, if you have time to write a couple of posts about fairytales I can tack you on as participating last minute. Just e-mail me at journeythrupagesATymailDOTcom if you do~

Unknown said...

My favorite fairytale is little red riding hood and my favorite fairytale adaptation is Snow White and the Huntsmen...

Thank you for having a international giveaway! :)

Cris Lima said...

I love fairytales, all! I can not choose just one.
"Thank you for having a international giveaway!"

Cris Lima said...

I forgot about the adaptation!
Snow White and the Huntsman (Charlize Theron is magnificent)

Sam said...

You guys are making me want to see the movie so badly now *laughs* I was already interested because I like fairytale flicks and I like action done well and the originality of the idea.

Of course first I must see Brave *SO EXCITED*

Malvina Beatrice said...

I can't decide I love all fairytales, I grew up reading to all of them.

Raiding Bookshelves said...

Hi Sam,
Are you a an Australian blogger? I noticed Rose from The Cosy Dragon is, and it's nice to see fellow Australians in the blogging world. I was wondering if you and Rose would want to do guest posts on my blog?

Sam said...


I'm actually a US blogger, though I did notice that both of you were from Australia and thought it was awesome *laughs*. Sorry

Unknown said...

I'd love to do guest posts on your blog! Funnily enough, your blog is one of the ones I have just started reading recently. And I'm waiting for your latest giveaway to go live too. Can't wait to reach my follower goal and get to host one myself!

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