Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Midsummer's Night Giveaway: My Final Thoughts

Between books, movies and television shows, fairytale adaptations seem to be getting more and more popular. Disney has returned to doing them, shows like "Grimm" and "Once Upon A Time" have been very popular. Two movie adaptions of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" came out this year and at the very least in books we got Wrecked and Cinder.

Now before I post up the wrap-up and winners post, I wanted to talk about my favourite fairytales, since I realized I haven't mentioned them at all (and since I asked all of you it's only fair). There are two, and I have actually finished a visual novel based one one of them and before I went off to study abroad in Japan this fall was almost done with the demo for the other (which is much, much bigger and more gamelike).

"Snow White and Rose Red" is a story about two sisters, a bear and a greedy dwarf. Like "Goose Girl" it is one of the Brothers Grimms' longer stories. It is also notoriously disconnected and all over the place, yet I have found myself consistantly drawn to it.

Obviously I am not the only one since there are actually quite a few adaptions of this fairytale into books, one of which by Patricia C. Wrede.

I think there is something about the idea of two very close, but very different sisters that tends to spark interest.

I started writing/drawing/programming/designing this visual novel game a couple of years ago, and my love of the story keeps me coming back to it.

The other tale that I've always been drawn to is another Brothers Grimm, "Rapunzel". Last year I adapted it into a small, short game/novel. What I always loved about this tale is the dynamic between the witch and Rapunzel. It is a story of overprotective love, abadonment, love and rebellious teenagers to the ultimate extent. Sometimes while reading the tale I don't know who I want to feel sorry for, which makes it a really fun fairytale to adapt. The characters all seem to be so much more than what they appear  on the outside.

Yet despite that, because Rapunzel is stuck in the tower and many people can find that boring there seem to be fewer adaptations of this tale despite its obvious popularity. There is Disney's "Tangled" which did work hard to explore the witch/Rapunzel aspect, but felt the need to take Rapunzel out of the tower or have the movie suffer.

Oh and just in case you were curious, the game is available to download HERE

Thank you everyone for participating in the giveaway, following me and my fellow bloggers and reading any of my posts. Despite my crazy week I've had a lot of fun and I'd love to do it again for another genre in the future (possibly Dystopias).


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