Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Midsummer's Night Giveaway: The YA Paranormal Versions

Today's post uses Wrecked by Anna Davies as a jumping point.
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Wrecked is written in a style that is very, very well known to anyone who reads a lot of Young Adult books nowadays. That style would be the very popular style of YA Paranormal. I have to admit, YA Paranormal is not  my personal style so I tend to be a bit hard on it. I'm not much for the drama and angst that these books are full of.

Although when it comes to fairytales, The Little Mermaid is a perfect for the drama/angst formula.

This style is becoming somewhat popular. The most popular fairytale adaptation in this style is hands down Beastly by Alex Finn. Although there was that "Red Riding Hood" movie that they actually wrote a book from that fits the bill as well. I really do think with fairytales becoming more popular, we'll see more and more of this style coming about.

As for The Little Mermaid, there are a few other adaptations out there, as the fairytale itself is very popular, but I feel like Disney took the cake here and a lot of writers have a hard time competing with such a heavy weight. Wrecked sets itself apart, for sure, by switching the male/female roles of the original tale.

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